Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Homeward bound!

We woke up to another sunny day in Missouri and only had a short drive to our favorite barn sale . . . . . .

If you have followed our blog on previous trips, I know you will recognize this sign!

I know these guys are wondering what all these cars are doing on their peaceful country road!

We parked our truck right next to this sweet baby and Joe snapped a picture.  I was already out the door and into the barn . . . . no matter how early we get here,  it seems there is always a crowd!!

Next year I think I will ask Jane and Ron if we can pitch a tent in with their cows!!!   Ha, ha . . . just kidding!!!

We were so busy snapping up treasures that we didn't get a picture outside this year, but I know I've shown you pictures of the barn on past trips.

We did come away with a lot of great antiques and you know the ladies that gather up all this stuff do an amazing job of refinishing.  It is all ready to go into your homes!!!

     And as usual, Mary (Jane's mom) invited us in for an absolutely delicious lunch of homemade potato soup, sandwich fixings and her very special blueberry/pineapple jello dessert!! We really enjoy their hospitality, meeting their friends and just visiting and catching up on what's been happening with all of them over the last six months.  Hopefully everyone will enjoy good health until we see them again!

I believe this will be our last stop this time around.  I'm sorry we weren't able to post our first few stops because of weather, but you will see it all in person in just a week or so. With over 1600 miles to get home, we better get on the road . . . . . . thanks for following along . . . . see you soon!!!

Joe & Sharon

Monday, October 5, 2015

Traveling the Missouri countryside.

I take pictures of windmills on most of our trips, but don't usually post them because I figure you can see windmills everywhere, but this time I thought I would because . . . .

our friends actually found part of a windmill for us!!  I can just see it as a great decorator item on the wall of someone's home!

They also had a great farm table, a wonderful screened pine cabinet and some other fun pieces.

As we leave this little town where our friends had the antiques stored, I had to snap a picture of this beautiful old stone church.  The churches in the midwest seem to be so humble.

Just as we are about to head out of town we notice a sign for yet another flea market and of course we had to stop and check it out!!!

So . . . . . .after another couple of hours and a lot of bargaining, we came away with some really great finds here!!  The old cobblers bench is my favorite and would make a great coffee table!!

Now we really better get moving or we won't make it to our favorite barn sale in the morning!  Bye for now!!

Sunday, October 4, 2015

Kansas Picking

It's a long ways between stops when traveling thru Kansas, but I never get tired of looking at hay bales and windmills . . . . . . .

and of course more cows!

Occasionally we come across some traffic on the roads we travel, but not your usual kind!

Going thru the next little town, we noticed a sign for a flea market, parked and managed to pick up a few  things including that nice little vintage chimney cupboard and. . . . . .

a few more things around the corner on the far end of the flea market from where we parked, so I just piled things here, snapped a picture and waited for my "driver" to come pick me up with all my treasures!

Our first stop in the morning will be at some friends' farm in Missouri . . . . they always have a lot of great stuff gathered up for us!

Saturday, October 3, 2015

Greetings from Kansas!

We are back on the road again! The first couple of stops we were battling the weather and pictures were impossible. I'm so sorry, but a few things will just have to be surprises!

Today is clear and beautiful and you can tell by the road that we are still in Kansas!

The usual landscape greets us along the way.  We are a little bit later for our fall trip this year so it looks like most of the crops have been harvested and there is lots of hay rolled up for the winter months.

And of course there are the cows, peacefully munching in pasture after pasture . . . . .

We are headed to our good friends' farm in northern Kansas.  John does all the beautiful refinishing on the wonderful old boxes and Ada gathers up all sorts of antique treasures for us.

We were on our way down to one of their barns when these little guys came out from under a woodpile!

Ada said that she hasn't been feeding these babies thus far, but she might have to take them inside to where they will be safe and take over mom's job.  They have lost a couple of litters to coyotes already this year . . . . . . so sad!!

 As allergic as I am to cats,  I just couldn't resist these adorable kitties!!  I told Ada not to tell me if they don't make it!!!!

And while I was playing with kittens, Joe was working hard,  carrying, stacking and arranging all these wonderful treasures from our amazing box man!!!

What you don't see here is the incredible collection of buttons that Ada let us take off her hands!

We had such a fun visit and they were so nice to fix us a delicious lunch of homemade chili and all the fixings!!  Wow, we can't thank you enough John and Ada for your hospitality and friendship.

We hope there will be many more visits in the years to come!!!

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

"It's a Great Day!"

"The Daiwabo has arrived!"

     We have been waiting for our ship to come in, and it did.
     Straight from Japan via New York to Us!
     Come see our new shipment. We have many amazing new bolts to choose from. 

"New Wools"

     Wow, what a great day! Yards of gorgeous wool arrived at the shop too! 
     We're busy getting it out on the shelves.

"Halloween Bowl Fillers"
by Cheri

     These cute wool pillows are so cute... quick and easy to make too!
All of these are in one pattern. 
Sells for $8.00

Antique Update!
     We hear it's been raining cats and dogs in the Midwest, but soon as the sun pops his head out again, be watching the blog to see Sharon and Joe's Adventures. 

Thanks for stopping by today...
From all of us at The Country Loft

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

"Welcome Fall"

     We're ready to Welcome Fall!

     Beautiful Fall Decor arriving daily. You will enjoy decorating your home with our "One of a Kind" items.

Fall patterns and Fall projects too!

Wednesday to Wednesday Sale!
September 23rd through 
September 30th

Let us help you finish up your quilts. We have Pre-packaged Batting for 25% Off.
All Cotton fabric, also 25% Off for your backing. A minimum cut of 3 yards please.

Be looking out for a cow or two, and some beautiful green scenery! Sharon and Joe have hit the Antique Trail, and promise to send word of their adventures. We can't wait!!!

Thank you for stopping by today...
From all of us at The Country Loft

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

"The Country Loft Happenings"

It's time for a "Wednesday to Wednesday Sale!"

     Starting today, September 16th through September 23rd, we will have these beautiful Primitive Gathering's Muslin Flannels for 25% Off! 
They work so well for Fall projects!

  "The Village Green"

      Just finished by Kathy, you will find this amazing wool quilt in our bedroom. Beginning in November, kits will be available as a Block of the Month. 

     Designed by Maggie Bonanomi, and the wool is by Blackberry Primitives!

     We have a sign up sheet for those who may be interested. Call or come in to be put on the list. More info to follow.

Brand New Homespuns!!!

     Get a head start on your holiday sewing. Yummy reds and a lovely green... and so soft.


"Garden Club" is just around the corner!

Join Sandra Lee and make this Great Pumpkin sign. Class is on Saturday, September 19th.
Times are 10-1 or 1:30 to 4:30.
Cost is $10.00 plus kit.

"Pin Pals"

Kathy Cardiff will teach you how to make a one of a kind pincushion. Pin Pals class is on Saturday, September 26th from
10-1 or 2-5. Cost is $10.00 plus kit.

"A Year in Redwork"

     Now getting under way, is our seven month program by Buttermilk Basin. It's a Wool Mat with a monthly Stitchery that attaches.

     Wool mat is $22.95. Each month thereafter, you will receive two stitchery's per month for $14.95.

     Call or come in, and we'll get you signed up.

San Diego Quilt Show Winner!!!

     We are so excited to announce the winner of the Primitive Quilt category. It's our own Susy Boyer!
     Susy made "How does your garden grow?" for our BOM this year. 
     Susy is joined by all of her wonderful pals who bestowed the crown upon her head!!! 
Thanks Ladies!

Thank you for stopping by today...
From all of us at The Country Loft