Monday, May 2, 2011

Around the bend and over the hill.

Usually on these trips there's a time after a few days when our adrenaline and excitement give way to fatigue and the fact that, after 26 years of doing this, we're not as young as we once were. Although we felt we had hit that 'wall' today (and that it hit back!), being able to find some really neat stuff has gotten us revived and back on track.
We hope you're not tired of our pictures of countryside, roads and farm animals, but we put a lot of miles on in between stops and mostly this is what we see. So far we've logged over 2300 miles!

It seems like such a peaceful way of life doesn't it?

And occasionally we have to get off the one lane country roads and travel a few miles on the freeways . . . . . . . .Yes, this really is an interstate highway! Don't you wish our highways in California were this crowded!!!

Just one more barn advertising a sale. From the size of it we thought we would be here all day!

It turned out that there was just a small side building with stuff plus they had lots of things just leaning against fences outside.

We did find a few good things and it only took a few hours so we packed up quickly so we could make our next destination, a really great flea market we had been hearing about along the way.

We traveled this back road for over 23 miles and were beginning to think we were on a wild goose chase. For such a great flea market there sure weren't many cars or people.

Until. . . . . .we came over the hill and saw fields of tents, cars and lots of people!!

Unfortunately for us, this was the last day and some people were already packing up their treasures to leave.

But, there were lots still selling their wares so we ran like crazy snatching and bargaining and . . . . . . . .

. . . . . . . . . .picking up some really fun stuff!

So, here we are all packed up and finally heading west for the final leg home. We hope to find a few more things tomorrow because as you can see, we aren't quite full!!!

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