Saturday, May 21, 2011

Brown Bag Friday

Brown Bag Friday is an original JoAnn Mullaly creation which has been held at The Country Loft on the third Friday of most months for the last 12 years! For a $10 fee, each student receives a cute decorated brown bag with all the ingredients inside for an original JAM designed project. 
The fun thing is, the project is a secret until you get to class! Sometimes there are two projects! The projects are easily completed in the 2 hour class time and all you need to bring are some basic sewing supplies. 
Ummmm yummy pound cake and strawberries were also a treat this day.

Kathy, JoAnn's sister is facilitating her classes while JoAnn is in Portland helping her daughter. JoAnn's loyal Brown Bag followers continue to come and support her from a distance. I'm sure she feels our thoughts and prayers especially on the third Friday of each month! This week the projects were a cute salt shaker full of fabric flowers with a matching sachet .

We have three sessions on Brown Bag Fridays and they are usually all full!  We do put people on waiting lists and occasionally we will call people with cancellations.

The best part of what you make on Brown Bag Friday is everlasting friendships with  fun and friendly people!

Summer is a great time to get in on a Brown Bag class because with vacations, we often will have a few vacancies.

We do have openings on June 17th, July15th and August 19th so call early to get on the list!

The times are 9-11, 11:30-1:30 and 2-4.

We hope you can join us!


Anna said...

Wow, that looks like sooooo much fun. I have always been a brown bag kinda girl!

moosecraft said...

Oh those little flowers are so dang cute! If I lived closer... I'd be joining you every opportunity I had! :-) I'll just dream about it through your blog for now though... lol! ;-)

socaldinah said...

Hi Joni and Kathy,
I love seeing the new blog and both of your smiling faces...I so wish I could be there for Brown Bag...I really miss the shop and all of you!