Friday, April 29, 2011

On the road again . . .

Hi Everyone . . . . . .Here we go. Our first antique buying trip with you along for the ride!

It's flat, it's full of farms . . . It HAS to be Kansas!

I am certain that every red barn in the midwest is loaded with antiques.

Signs in the country aren't flashy.


I'll bet there's lots of 'good stuff' in there!

Look who was waiting to greet us! I hope they didn't have to give up their sleeping quarters just for this sale!

This is the first of the stuff we were able to get our hands on.

And, 4 hours later, here are the rest of our finds at this stop. There at lots of great boxes, wonderful ladders, and all sorts of fun and beautifully restored items for your sewing rooms, homes, patios, etc.!

Oh My Gosh! I said no more big furniture, but I couldn't resist this one! Can't you just see it stuffed with wool or fabric. I know just where it is going in the store. It would look really great in someone's sewing room!

And this piece is so unique and so beautifully restored! Those are pull out bins in front, not doors! What a great piece for easy access storage and a wonderful work surface.

Of course, all of these treasures won't get home by themselves. So, here's Joe packing it all snugly and tieing it securely for the long drive home. We still have lots of room left for more goodies!

Check out our next post to see what else we've found!

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