Monday, May 2, 2011

Slim Pickin's

Well, we started our day off today driving through some neighborhoods in some small midwest towns.

In the past, we often have come across some great yard and estate sales in neighborhoods like these.

Today we saw a lot of really wonderful houses, great porches, fabulous architecture but. . . . . . .

. . . . .unfortunately NO SALES !!!

Just outside this town, we found an old salvage yard and we were hoping to find some of those great old porch railings or cornices or any old piece of gingerbread would do.

Accompanied by the owners chickens, we tramped through a lot of old buildings, and searched high and low, but just couldn't come up with anything.

Right outside this building were about five or six sheep just hanging around. I don't know why I didn't get their picture.

This house was right next door and looked abandoned . . . . .I was so tempted to snatch one or two of those railings!

So. . . . . . . .today was one of those slim picken days! I get really discouraged when this happens at the beginning of the trip, but when we have an almost full trailer, it's not so bad. We did get a lead for one more stop tomorrow and I already gave the people a call to make sure they would be home. I asked them the address and the wife sort of laughed and said it was just a one block town and that her husband would meet us at a store across from the bank and then take us to a few other locations where they have stuff stored. Sounds interesting . . . . . . . .be sure to tune in tomorrow and see what we find. Keep your fingers crossed!

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