Sunday, August 28, 2011


How can we begin to thank you all for your unbelievable generosity and support of our Sew for the Cure Sale.  We raised over $11,000 for Megan's Fund.

We also want to thank all the ladies who donated so much of their time and talent to make this happen, those who donated so many beautiful items and our staff who worked tirelessly this last week getting everything ready. 

We love you all!!!             
Joe & Sharon                              

Here is Mindy, our newest staffer, doing some last minute spiffing up before we open.  Yesterday she was washing windows!  I bet she can hardly wait until we hire someone new so that she doesn't get all the fun jobs anymore!  It can't be too bad though, at least she gets to vaccum with a Starbucks in her hand!

Our seasoned customers to this event knew to bring their lawn chairs and started lining up over two hours before we opened.

There were so many beautiful things to choose from, everyone watched closely as we hung every quilt and took pictures in case they weren't able to purchase their quilt of choice.

That's JoAnn, Megan's mom, taking pictures of the crowd.  I'm sure you will see a new post soon on her Wool Crazy Blog.

 Once people finished their shopping in our front yard, they came to our backyard for some wonderful inspiration!

Another thank you is in order to all our wonderful students and customers who brought their completed projects to share.  You always turn our backyard into a quilters wonderland!

You know how much fun it is to quilt with friends, have lunch with friends and shop with friends!  This group of ladies (The Quilt Bags) has been quilting together, having lunch in La Mesa and shopping at The Country Loft on Saturdays (Quilt Show or not) for many years!  We so appreciate their continuing support and friendship!

In the next week, we will have all the pictures from our show on our website.  We will also have our new class schedule with samples available on the website too!  We have a wonderful slate of classes for fall and hope you will take a look and come join in the fun!


Red Geranium Cottage said...

I wish I could have been there. Looks like you did pretty good.!!! Way to go on the fundraising.
I see my friends, Beth,Nancy and Yvette in the photos!!! So jealous!

~ko said...

Looks like it was a wonderful time for all! Your store is one of the things I miss most since moving away from California :)

Marj said...

Looks like you had great weather for a quilt show! Wish I lived in the area, so I could see the quilts in person. But since I don't I am glad that you will be posting them on your web site. Thank you!