Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Aaaahhh. . . . Kansas!

It's amazing how drastically the topography can change in just a days drive!

We like the hay rolls, but we love the boxes!!!

John Arford, that wonderfully talented refinisher had stacks of them ready for us this time!! YEA . . . .we love you John!!!

We poked around, in and out of many other places across I36 in Kansas and came up with almost nothing except for a wonderful 12 tin pie safe for Susan (I'll send you a picture soon)!!

BUT . . . . . have no fear!  We got word of a terrific barn sale happening in a couple of weeks in Missouri so we parked our truck and trailer in Kansas City, booked a round trip flight home and will continue this trip on September 30th.  See you then!  Joe & Sharon

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