Friday, September 16, 2011

On the road again!

After a week vacation in beautiful Montana, we are headed back to the midwest in search of treasures.  We took one little Harley ride in South Dakota down the Needles Highway on our way.  We couldn't resist with a name like that and the scenery was beautiful.

I'm not the best photographer off the back of a motorcycle but here are just a few shots.  The highway is so named because of the rock formations that are sharp and pointed.

The closer we got the more impressive it was.  This is one of the roads that goes around Mt. Rushmore.  There sure is a lot of granite in these hills!

Tomorrow we head to the plains of Kansas so we really enjoyed the pine trees and mountains in this part of the country on our last day here.

Tune in tomorrow and hopefully we will have pictures of treasures to share!


Gayle said...

We spent time in this same neck of the woods in July - Beautiful country!

colleencl said...

Sharon, what beautiful pictures. That is just an awesome drive! Have a great time and find lots of goodies! Hugs, Colleen