Monday, October 3, 2011

Fall finds are the best!

Driving through the eastern Kansas countryside is so different from the plains and hay rolls of western Kansas.  And especially this time of year the scenery is beautiful!!

We stopped at a farm just outside of Kansas City where we know someone has been collecting treasures for us.

Because of all the flooding and storms over the last few months, picking in the midwest hasn't been that great, but our friends were still able to gather a few goods things!

Then it was across the Missouri River and on to our next stop!

This is another place where we know we can usually find some of the things we love and sure enough, we came away with some more treasures.

And just when we are about to call it a day, we see another sign for an antique sale. . . . it was pointing down towards this barn, wouldn't that be great!!!

Well, it was only a yard sale at the farmhouse behind the barn, but there were a few things I just couldn't resist!!

And that's all for today folks, time to look for a place to hit the hay (hopefully a hotel, not a field)!!!

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JAM said...

Looking good....Can't wait to see them in person. Hope all is going well with heads, shoulders, knees and toes!!!!