Friday, January 13, 2012

Happy New Year!

       Hi Everyone . . . . we hope you will all be able to join us this Saturday.  We have a lot of great classes and blocks of the month for you this year.  Plus, we have new fun Valentines and our plan is to bring back more gifts and home furnishings for 2012.

       As many of you know, our hearts are very sad right now with the passing on Sunday of JoAnn Mullaly's daughter, Megan.  So many of you have supported her in her fight against this horrible cancer and I know the family is so appreciative.  Megan will always be an inspiration to me.  She has taught me to fully enjoy all the good things in my life and to just deal with the bad without letting it get me down.  Her positive attitude through this entire battle was beyond amazing!  I know her beautiful spirit will always be with us. 

See you soon,