Monday, April 30, 2012

Where have all the antiques gone?

We headed out this morning with our usual stops in mind.  We passed a lot more barns, but no more sales :(  Even some of our pickers were empty handed this time.

We saw a lot of cute cows,  I would love to bring one of them home!

Finally, we were in a little town and saw an antique sign.  We don't usually buy at shops, but thought we would give it a try.

 We found a few things here and we got some good prices . . . . . . the cute little old mustard painted kitchen table was my favorite. 

So, since we are headed to Kansas tomorrow, we decided to make one more stop . . . . .

I know these probably aren't of interest to you, but we have traveled through Kansas City over 50 times in the last 27 years of buying antiques for our store and we never once stopped at the Harley Davidson manufacturing plant for their tour.  Since my hubby is a Harley owner, we just had to do it this time before we leave Missouri. He was in HOG heaven!!!  It is so important to keep your driver happy!!!

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Ooooh, OUCH!!!

Sorry everyone, we had to take a day off to lay on ice packs.  Some of that barn sale stuff was pretty heavy.  But, we are on the road again for a drive down more pretty country roads.

One of our contacts found us a few things, but they said it has been a pretty hard winter back here so there hasn't been much opportunity to get out and search. 

Some great little tables though and I know you all have been asking for those!  And of course ladders, boxes and chairs are always on our shopping list!!

Well, we didn't find any more antiques today, but you aren't even going to believe this find. We were driving through this little town and saw this old mill that said wool for sale on the outside. I jumped out and ran in so fast, I forgot to take a picture of the building . . . .it was fabulous . . . .but look what I found!!! I can't believe my luck on this one!!! This wonderful little lady gave me the tour and wholesale prices too! So, needless to say, I spent the wool budget for the next couple of months . . . .at least four bags full . . . .so for those of you who aren't really into the antiques, I'm bringing home treasures for you too!!

I spent the entire afternoon in this place . . . . so, that's all for today folks.  I'm sure my very patient husband is asleep under a tree somewhere!!!

Friday, April 27, 2012

Barn Sale!!!!

We're up and out very early this morning.  Traveling down country roads in the midwest is one of the more peaceful things you can do, especially when the air is cool and crisp and the sun is just coming up.

And there's the sign we are looking for. This is one of the two reasons for our trip this time.  The best barn sale in Missouri!!!

You know the barn is near when you see the horses!!!  They must have had to give up their sleeping quarters for the day!

And this is the farmhouse in front of the barn . . . . . .really nice, more pictures later!

Wow!  Looks like there is going to be lots from which to choose.  We may be sorry we didn't get a bigger truck!

It didn't take us long to start a pile!  They know us pretty well here so we get a spot way out on the driveway with lots of room to start stacking our finds!!!  I get the fun job of shopping.  Joe gets the job of hauling my finds to the pile!  Although, he does manage to grab a few things himself that I have managed to overlook in my frantic racing around.

The piles are getting bigger.  I love this picture . . . . .that's a John Deere tractor in the background.  Ron, the owner of this beautiful farm was working on it almost the entire time we were loading.  I guess farm equipment breaks down too!

This is the last of what we picked up here.  I know you might think you love something from these pictures,  but you don't know the prices yet ( and neither do we) and you really need to look things over in person so . . . . .please don't ask us to hold things for you this time.  You know we always want to be fair to everyone and these wonderful things will be in the store on Friday, May 11th for whoever wants them!

While Joe was finishing the loading, I of course had to visit the local wildlife.  You know me and farm animals . . . . . .next to puppies, they are my favorite!

And now for a little tour . . . . . .Ron and Jane, who own this beautiful property and who sponsor this wonderful sale along with many other fabulous people, were so nice to invite us for lunch.  We asked if we could take a few pictures of their garden.

It is so beautiful in person, the pictures do not really do it justice.  There is a pretty little waterfall and except for the birds singing, it is so wonderfully quiet!!

And here is Jane's mom, Mary, the marvelous cook for this event.  She makes a fabulous blueberry jello dessert that is to die for!  And on top of all that she is the sweetest midwest farm mom we know!!!

And as much as we would have liked to stay here and visit all day long, we had to say goodbye to these wonderful people and make hay while the sun shines (I just had to use that expression here!)

Thursday, April 26, 2012

On The Road Again . . . . . .

 Hi from Kansas City!!

The Country Loft pickers are on the road again!  We hit the ground running when we arrived here yesterday afternoon.  Our first order of business was to buy some antiques for JoAnn's booth at Quilt Market next month.  She had prearranged with a mall to hold whatever we picked out and they will deliver it right to the convention center.  The pressure was on to find things that would make her booth look really cute!

Our first find was this cute little cupboard.  Of course the items on it will not be there, but all of JoAnn's wonderful books, patterns and samples will look really cute displayed on it.  Too bad she has to leave it in Kansas City :(
The rest of the things are pictured here.  A few chairs, a little stool, an old box and a tote.  We also found her a cute table.  Hopefully these things will give her booth the look she was hoping for!!

We are heading to a barn sale today for things to bring home.  I'll talk to you later . . . Sharon

Friday, April 20, 2012

Book Signing!

Hi Everyone!!

  Just wanted to remind you about this fun event at The Country Loft.  We are all so excited for Kathy Cardiff. Her first book has arrived and it is wonderful! 
  Kathy will be here this Saturday to sign your books from 9 to 10 am.  If you can't make it during that time, just call the store to reserve a copy and we will have her sign it for you!!