Sunday, April 29, 2012

Ooooh, OUCH!!!

Sorry everyone, we had to take a day off to lay on ice packs.  Some of that barn sale stuff was pretty heavy.  But, we are on the road again for a drive down more pretty country roads.

One of our contacts found us a few things, but they said it has been a pretty hard winter back here so there hasn't been much opportunity to get out and search. 

Some great little tables though and I know you all have been asking for those!  And of course ladders, boxes and chairs are always on our shopping list!!

Well, we didn't find any more antiques today, but you aren't even going to believe this find. We were driving through this little town and saw this old mill that said wool for sale on the outside. I jumped out and ran in so fast, I forgot to take a picture of the building . . . .it was fabulous . . . .but look what I found!!! I can't believe my luck on this one!!! This wonderful little lady gave me the tour and wholesale prices too! So, needless to say, I spent the wool budget for the next couple of months . . . .at least four bags full . . . .so for those of you who aren't really into the antiques, I'm bringing home treasures for you too!!

I spent the entire afternoon in this place . . . . so, that's all for today folks.  I'm sure my very patient husband is asleep under a tree somewhere!!!


Me and My Stitches said...

What a bunch of wonderful wool! I would have been in heaven!

Eileen, Quiltist said...

Your blog is wonderful. I love your pictures and now with this addition of this wool, pea green with envy!!!!

I wish I could make to the shop to see what you brought back.

bittomom said...

OMG.....all that wool is to die for !!!! Can you tell us what town/state you found that wool shop in ? Do they sell anything on the internet ?

Penne said...

OMG ..... those wools were awesome. Were the wall hangings rugs or appliqué . Beautiful colors and so many to choose from. WOW.

helen said...

Hello! I have been looking in your store for all that wool you bought in this wonderful mill! BUT unfortunately couldn't find any. Are they all sold already?!?? In this case would it be possible to know the name of this store and where it is located?!??
Thanks so much!
Always enjoying visitig your blog!