Monday, April 30, 2012

Where have all the antiques gone?

We headed out this morning with our usual stops in mind.  We passed a lot more barns, but no more sales :(  Even some of our pickers were empty handed this time.

We saw a lot of cute cows,  I would love to bring one of them home!

Finally, we were in a little town and saw an antique sign.  We don't usually buy at shops, but thought we would give it a try.

 We found a few things here and we got some good prices . . . . . . the cute little old mustard painted kitchen table was my favorite. 

So, since we are headed to Kansas tomorrow, we decided to make one more stop . . . . .

I know these probably aren't of interest to you, but we have traveled through Kansas City over 50 times in the last 27 years of buying antiques for our store and we never once stopped at the Harley Davidson manufacturing plant for their tour.  Since my hubby is a Harley owner, we just had to do it this time before we leave Missouri. He was in HOG heaven!!!  It is so important to keep your driver happy!!!


~ko said...

Happy road tripping to y'all! We have since moved from CA but I so love checking in here. You are very much missed!

Anna said...

oh yeah...gotta keep the DH's interested in a road trip that includes antiques and girl!

Eileen, Quiltist said...

I would say that a tour of Harley Davidson trumps a Nook any day of the week. That is what I use to keep driver happy while I antique and look at fabric! Have fun.