Thursday, May 3, 2012

Boxes, boxes & more boxes!!

It's a new day in Kansas and hopefully a good day for picking.  We have some friends who own this farm coming up and they usually have some treasures for us to rummage through. 

Hmmm, nothing there, in fact no one around at all :( . . . . . . so we're back on that road again.

Thank goodness for our box man.  John Arford has come through for us again!!!  He had stacks of beautiful boxes . . . . . . . what a very talented craftsman.

They are finished so wonderfully,  I can just see them stuffed with all that gorgeous wool I picked up!

John has had a bad winter healthwise so we might be looking at our last load of boxes :(
Breathing all the fumes from his refinishing materials has taken a toll on his lungs.

If that is the case, we wish him the best because we sure have enjoyed what we have been buying from him all these years.  We love you John!!!

Well, after shopping at John's, we finally filled our truck.  I think we have found a whole lot of fun things for you to pick through.  Hopefully there will be something for everyone!!!

Just the sight of those beautiful Rocky Mountains tells me we are on our way home.

We can't travel the long days like we used to (that's doctor's orders) so it's going to take us a little longer getting there.

Thanks for joining us on our travels . . . .we'll see you soon!!!

                    Joe & Sharon


Patty ♣ said...

Loved the going along with you. The pictures were so fun! I do LOVE the last picture of the Rocky Mountains, how beautiful! Safe travels home!

Eileen, Quiltist said...

I hope you continue the blog, it has been so entertaining and its the one blog I anxiously await. You are a very talented writer - keep it up! I will want to hear what happens back at the store, and want to see what you have done with all the treasures.

Safe travels!

Carrie P. said...

I love to travel and have enjoyed going along on your trip. Those mountains are so pretty.