Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Kansas in Springtime

Crossing the wide Missouri is a good sign because now we are heading west.  Hopefully Kansas holds more antiques to help fill this truck!

This is pretty much what the road looks like for the next 600 miles.  We take the occasional turn off for a small town, but then right back on it. 

It looks pretty boring but it's actually not.  Kansas in the spring is so different than in the summer or fall.  Instead of amber waves of grain, the new wheat is just coming in and all the fields are an emerald green.

The landscape is dotted with cows and farms.  Whenever you see a stand of trees there is usually a barn and farmhouse right there too. 

There are still some of the old barns and silos out there, but most have converted to the new metal buildings.

Our first stop is Seneca, Kansas. This wonderful little town has beautiful victorian houses and great old buildings on their main street.

Right now they are taking up the old brick streets, laying down a sub base and then putting the old brick back down.  I'm so glad they are restoring it instead of just paving with asphalt!

We know some people here, Mike and Tresa Jones, who have buildings full of antiques.  This is where we found that beautiful hexagonal bolt cabinet that Cindy Taylor now has in her sewing room!

 We did score here!  This is the top to a beautiful old stepback . . . .yes we got the bottom too.

Mike, who's real job is a veterinarian (the farm animal type), was able to come by and help us load, so I didn't want to waste his time while I took a lot of pictures.  Any help that is offered we are so glad to have these days.

 I do wish I had gotten a picture of his sidekick though . . an adorable English bulldog named Harvey who was right on his heels the whole time we were there!  Of course you know the real reason I wasn't taking pictures . . . . .Harvey had all my attention!

And, Tresa is a quilter, the beautiful hand applique baltimore album type quilter!  Her work is so beautiful, I remember it from the last time we were here . . .incredible!  Mike & Tresa are coming to San Diego for a vet conference this summer.  We volunteered to be their tour guides . . . . it will be fun!!!

So this stop had all my favorite things . . . .antiques, quilting and a VERY cute dog!  Oh, and the pie safe on the left we picked up here too!

Here is a picture I just had to get as we were leaving town.  Not something you see too often at home!

Thankfully our weather on this trip has been pretty good so far :)

Well, a lot more cows, barns and farmhouses, but no more finds today.  Tomorrow we head toward our box man so if we don't find anything before we get to him, I know he has boxes for us . . . .YEA!!!

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