Monday, August 6, 2012

LIttle Women and More

 For many years now Leigh Greer and Donna King have been hosting our "Little Women" group.  Tina Rainer who has been a member from the beginning sent me these photos to share with all of you.  One Saturday a month (usually the first one) 25 (sometimes more and sometimes less) women come and take part in sharing and learning all about Jo Morton's methods of quilting and the Civil War.  Donna and Leigh have done a great job....and the waiting list for this class is a real indicator of that! 

......and they are so nice they even make food to share each month.  Many of the treats are made from recipes of the mid 1800's.

.......and the members of the group share too!
Talk about a LOT of fun!  Everyone leaves inspired and ready to make up the pattern of the month.....

A few weeks ago we got Maggie Bonanomi's new book, "A Day at Sunny Brook" in the shop.  A few of the women who work at the Loft went to town with it....and we now have several samples to share ......It is like all of her books filled to the brim with fun things to make.  You'll love it.  We have several in stock, so call the shop and reserve your copy now.  For $26.95 you can take it home and start drooling (and maybe sewing too!)

Susy Boyer has been busy making samples for our WOOL BANNER CLUB.  We will be kitting them up and selling the great metal stands for them too!  The kits will be $15.95 each.....and there will be one a month starting later in August.  You'll want to be part of this fun!  The patterns are by Lily Anna Stitches.

   "Hi", Susy here... "I have had so much fun making this project and I know you will too!" It's quick and easy and you'll have it hanging on your stand in no time."

   We hope you are having fun checking out our blog each Monday.....soon we hope to visit you on other days too!  We'd love you to be a follower (it is just so exciting to see the numbers go up)......Stop by our website too at  

                  Bye for now.....Happy Monday, Susy and Jo Ann


Quiltdolls said...

susy you did a good job on the banner. Hope to see you soon.


Carrie P. said...

I am a follower and I love seeing all the new things going on. Love that little pumpkin banner.

Rosemary said...

i'm drooling over that flag pottery inthe background!