Monday, September 10, 2012

We're Back!

 Did you miss us????  Susy and I feel like we haven't blogged in months....but it has just been 2 weeks....We were off last Monday for Labor Day and our normal Monday blogpost just didn't get out....but here we are again with LOTS to say!

   Susy has been busy making a sample out of Maggie Bonanomi"s book "A Day at Sunny Brook"....It is called "Flowers on the Courthouse Steps".....

.....and she loved making it so much she made kits for it.....They are only $21.95....and the book is $ all of Maggie's books it is  chock full of great projects!

...and speaking of Maggie, "A Simple Life" magazine has a great article on her is $9.95 and filled with all kinds of wonderful folk art and history you will love.....(Of course we sell it!!!!)

I love Homespuns and we just got in some wonderful ones from Kamla Textiles.....Here they are on the bolt at $10.95 a yard....

...and of course we cut fat quarters.  Did you know that we will cut a fat quarter of any of our fabrics....if you don't see one on the shelf, just ask us!

While Susy and I have been playing hooky our new classes have been starting.  If you haven't gotten the new schedule, be sure to check it out online.  There are LOTS of classes in September that you won't want to miss. Here is a quick shot of our classroom with our friend Elein looking things over. 

We have a LONG list of things to catch up on, so we best say goodbye for now....Susy and Jo Ann


Anonymous said...

Those homespuns are calling my name!

~ Karina

Eileen, Quiltist said...

Would you please share a picture of the this month's kitchen towel?

The Country Loft said...

Eileen....The current towel is the one with the crow and pumpkin that we shared a few weeks ago.....There won't be a new one until Christmas stuff comes out....:)))

claire said...

Hello, I am French, excuse me I speak little English. J ' love your series of fabrics, do you have a site or I can buy them? Thanks for your reply