Monday, October 1, 2012

Last year's PJ Party

 This Thursday, October 4th is the Country Loft Pajama Party.  Susy found these photos from last year that we couldn't resist sharing with you.....Here are the men in Mindy's life who surprised her in their jammies!  What great sports they were.....I especially like her husband's pink robe......and they are showing off their make-it/take-its....We have 3 projects ready for you to make this time....All free.

.....and here are Susy and friends.  They had such a good time......Susy will be working at the shop this time and demonstrating the fun you can have at make it tables....
Susan and Ricky drove all the way from Orange County ...luckily they didn't get stopped in their jammies. 

   A fun time was had by all.....and you won't want to miss out this year!  It will start at 5 and there are LOTS of new kits and many in-store specials that evening only.  Come in your pjs and you might win a door prize!!!!  (or just throw on your slippers :)))


  Fill your car with family and friends and head on over for a great evening....Kathy has planned some yummy treats too!   Hope to see you here.....Susy and Jo Ann


WoolenSails said...

That sounds like my kind of party, lol.
Wish I lived closer.


Anonymous said...

So sorry I will miss all the fun! Kathi Susy's Sister in Montana