Tuesday, November 20, 2012


 Retirement is looking good... make that "Great" on Jo Ann Mullaly...   Yes, she really did it!

We had the pleasure of spending the day with Jo Ann... we sewed, we laughed and we ate!

Many friends turned out to wish Jo Ann the best.

Owners of The Country Loft, Joe and Sharon Smith were on hand to celebrate too.

They presented Jo Ann with an antique log cabin crazy quilt.

When Jo Ann wasn't looking... all of her friends were busy signing the logs.

You can see by the look on her face, she was quite surprised and pleased.

Jo Ann... Thank you for all of the years of your wonderful classes... your inspiration... your amazing creativity... your helpfulness and guidance... your "cookies" yum... your beautiful smile and your laughter!

~Enjoy your Retirement

And... don't forget... The Loft is glowing with Christmas decorations... gifts... kits... fabric... patterns and more!

We will be closed for Thanksgiving.

We wish you and yours a wonderful Thanksgiving.

We're glad you stopped in today...see you soon ...
Kathy and Susy


paulette said...

Oh that smile says it ALL!! What a beautiful, thoughtful gift... one that JoAnn will treasure for years to come!!
HAPPY RETIREMENT, JOANN!! Now everyday is Saturday!! Playtime!!
Big hug!!

Louise said...

Best wishes flying south to you for your retirement. Hello to Kathy and I do hope to see her near Christmas time!
Have a Blessed Thanksgiving