Saturday, April 27, 2013

Hi Everyone!

It is a beautiful sunny morning in southern Missouri, only 33 degrees, but I have enough excitement energy burning that I'm glad it's a little cold.  We are headed to our favorite barn sale and I can't wait to see what wonderful things they have this year!!

Driving through this beautiful countryside is so much fun, especially when I am looking for barn sale signs!!!

I just know barn sales signs lead to good things for us!!!

And what did I tell you . . . . . It only took us about an hour to come up with a great pile of stuff!!  However, I hope no one wants wagon wheels, because those are not ours.

We found a couple of great cupboards too.  I can just see them stuffed with fabric and wool in someone's sewing room.

Karen, one of our friends here, is showing them off for you!!

Here is this incredible barn and some of our wonderful friends,
the ladies that run this sale!!! They do amazing refinishing
on these antiques.

And here is my wonderful husband, working hard while I continue to grab stuff.  That's our empty truck in the background . . . . I'm sure it will be full by the time we are heading home!!!

Hopefully there will be something for everyone amongst all these treasures!!!  If not, maybe there will be something for you at our next destination, but I better get to work so that we can get on the road again!!!

Our tummies are full thanks to Jane, her husband Roy and her sweet mom, Mary!!  They always provide us with such a nice lunch.  We are ready to roll so I will talk to you again tomorrow and give you a glimpse of what we find!!!

                                                      Bye for now . . . . . . . . Joe & Sharon

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