Sunday, April 28, 2013

It's another early morning in the middle of the country.  We lost our bright sunny day by the time we had loaded our truck yesterday.  We had one more stop in mind so we tried to hurry before it started raining.

I don't know what it is about fields with cows and old barns, but I just love looking at them and they are pretty much the landscape in this part of the country!

We have a friend who lives out here in the country and she collects things for us and stores them in an old barn on her property.  She's out of town. but fortunately for us, she has some stuff for us to look through and her son is going to meet us at the barn! Yea!!!

This is the barn and it looks like it is open and ready for us to poke through!  Gotta hurry though, rain is coming!!!

Sorry I didn't get any pictures inside, but there really wasn't much to see . . . . a lot of hay, farm stuff and a little corner with stuff piled for us.

Here is the first pile of stuff out where you can see it.  I know porch posts and old ladders were on my shopping list and all the other things are a bonus!!

There is more to come here!

I dragged out this next bunch while Joe was loading the first.  We picked up some pretty great stuff here.  I can see lots of fun summer decorating in the future!!!

It's so nice to have friends who know the kinds of things you like!!!

This morning the rain was definitely with us, but we have a ways to travel, so we might have clear skies by the time we reach our next stop.

Back country roads are still pretty and peaceful even in the rain!

We finally reached this cute little town that that has amazing little victorian houses.  It also has great flea markets where we can usually pick up a lot of treasures!

We had to rush through because of the rain, but we were able to grab a few things.  Not as much as usual, but we are hearing that because of the really bad winter back here, people haven't been able to get out and search for stuff like they usually do.

Oh well, we have friends waiting with stuff for us tomorrow and I think we have done pretty good so far!

So . . . . . . . it is back on the road again and we will talk to you in the morning!  Joe & Sharon


Simply Fresh Country said...

Joe and Sharon I LOVE the country side pictures you are sharing!I see a future fabric display in this last pix!!!!
Be safe,

WoolenSails said...

Nice finds and wonderful friends to save things for you.


Susy said...

Hi Sharon and Joe,
As I look at your wonderful pictures of barns and country side, I can't help think that the smells of mother earth must be awesome. Ah, dirt!
Wish I was along for the ride... Hugs, Susy B.

Patty ♣ said...

Would love to be along with you!! Looks wonderful!! Be safe! Have fun!