Monday, April 29, 2013

We're heading out early this morning because we have a lot of miles to cover.  The skies look pretty ominous, but I think it's supposed to be clearing.

This part of the country really has had a terrible winter with lots of flooding.  This picture is not a lake, it's a corn field that is under water!!!

We are coming up to our next stop that is on a little bit higher ground.  Hopefully all of our antiques are still above water.

Well, a couple hours later and we have a nice little pile of goodies!!!

We have also picked up some of our favorite blue ball jars and some great old refrigerator glass jars, but they are all wrapped up and didn't get in any of the pictures.

On to our next stop, and the scenery is more of the same. . . . . gotta love those cows!!

We picked up some good stuff here and look at that little old wire child's grocery cart . . . . . isn't it cute!!!  Fun things, you never know what is going to strike your fancy when you are rummaging thru old places filled with pieces of the past!

And of course I couldn't pass this up!!  I haven't seen a postal desk in quite a while and this one is in great shape.  I know someone is going to love this for their sewing room!!

Well, we have covered a lot of ground today, over 150 miles with lots of stops and at our last stop we heard about this antique flea market in downtown Kansas City.  We are getting here a little late, but maybe there is something left that we will love!

Sure enough,  there were a few things we just couldn't live without. I just hope my expert packer can squeeze them in.  We have managed to fill that once empty truck!

So, this will be our last post from the midwest. I fly home from here in the morning and my wonderful hubby will be driving this load of goodies back for us.  We will try our best to have them in the store on Saturday!

It's been fun sharing our trip with all of you!!
  We'll see you soon,  Joe & Sharon


WoolenSails said...

What a wonderful trip and so many wonderful goodies and antiques, love the postal desk.


JAM said...

Looks like you guys had a GREAT time! Can't wait to see it all in the shop....Jo Ann