Sunday, September 29, 2013

A lot of miles but worth it!!

Well, yesterday was a lot of driving through beautiful country to get to that sale we were told about.

Just had to get pictures of some of these barns that we passed along the way for all you quilters.  They really are beautiful . . . . . . quilting is so big back here!

We finally came to the little town where the sale was.  It was so quaint, there were these little carts in the street where people were selling their produce and flowers . . . . . I think I want to live there!!!

There were already a lot of people at the sale, so I didn't take time for pictures beforehand, but we did manage to grab a whole bunch of fun stuff . . . .YEA!!!

I think we got a lot of pretty good buys!!  I hope you have as much fun rummaging through it when we get back as I did today.

One of the people we met at the sale told us he had some more things in a storage shed nearby so by the time we packed up, the sale was over and we followed him to his place.

We did buy a few things from him including  some great wooden bowls that we haven't been able to find in awhile.

So, we had a great day yesterday, put on a lot of miles, and found some fun stuff!!  As we were heading to our hotel, the sun was setting and I just had to take this picture . . . . . . not a quilt barn, but oh so pretty!!

Today will be a day of mostly driving to reach our main destination of this trip, that great barn sale where we always find such beautifully restored antiques.

You will definitely be hearing from us tomorrow!!


Susy said...

Thank you Sharon and Joe for sharing your trip with us. Your pictures are wonderful! I love the barns... when are "we" moving? I'll be ready.
Have a fun & safe trip,

Barbara said...

Such beautiful scenery...I think I'd love to live there also. Love all the stuff you found...just my style!!!!

sandra said...

Oooh!!! Can you bring me home one of the BIG CARTS with all the flowers and pumpkins in it? ;)) What fun things you are getting!!! Safe travels to you!