Tuesday, April 29, 2014

A Day of SUNSHINE!!! in Missouri

We woke up to blue skies yesterday (Yea!!!) in this cute little midwest town.  I just love the old buildings!

Our first stop of the day was just outside of town at this great farm.  We just met these people several years ago, but when I called, they said they had collected a few things for us.

And sure enough they did!  A great old jelly cupboard and some more of our favorite things!!!

Our next stop was at an unexpected barn sale along the way . . . . . I love when that happens!!

Not as great as I had hoped, but we picked up a few things that were on the want list!

And, driving through the next small town we came upon a block of yard sales where we gathered up a few treasures at really great prices!!

Heading into Kansas tomorrow we will make the last stop of our trip and hopefully it will be one of the best . . . . be sure to stay tuned.

Tonight, just like with these cows, we are going to be hitting the hay early . . . . . it's been a very long day.

Sweet dreams,
Joe & Sharon

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