Sunday, April 27, 2014

Splashing through the midwest!

Soooo. . . . . . I know many of you have been waiting for pictures, but this has been a very different trip!  We needed a boat instead of a truck!

This was the first day pulling up to our friends' barn where they usually have a pile of treasures for us.

And they did again!!!  But it was pouring so hard that it was all we could do to get it into the truck . . . . so sorry, no pictures.

On our second day, in a small Amish community in northern Missouri, we were able to pick up a few more things from some friends we have been buying from for 29 years.  But again, I'm sorry it was just pouring too much to get any pictures.

I did get this one picture on the way out of town.  We traveled quite a ways behind these two Amish buggies.  The rain was so hard and the road too hilly and winding to pass them.

After a full day of driving, the fourth day was the day of our favorite Barn Sale and sure enough, the rain kept coming!!

Joe was able to snap this one shot of the first load we carried out, but after that, we were under water again!!!

You will have to take my word for it that we got some great things here!

Today was another long day of driving with the wind and rain keeping us company all the way!

One good thing about all this rain . . . the new crops look green and healthy!

As we turn west at the end of the day, we're hoping this beautiful sunset means clearer skies tomorrow.

Hopefully we'll be able to show you some pictures from our next stops!

Thanks for joining us,
Joe & Sharon


Susy said...

I'm there with you! Wonderful pictures... the rain makes them more dramatic and really sets the tone. Looks like some great antiques and what a beautiful sunset! Thanks Sharon and Joe. Happy travels, Susy

McGyver said...

Hi Sharon & Joe your pictures are so much fun! See you on Saturday! Treasures Treasures Treasures!!!