Wednesday, April 30, 2014

The Backroads of Kansas

Just a few miles down this dirt road in Kansas we came to the last stop on our 2200 mile excursion.

And a very fine stop it was . . . . .

Remember our box man who several years ago told us he was done with the refinishing business, and we were all so sad?

Well, he's back!!!  John called us early this spring and told us he had a few boxes for us . . . . . . We were so excited!

His health is better which is the best news of all and we get the benefit of his excellent craftsmanship at least one more time.

Now this is John's idea of a "few" boxes . . . . . . Wow!!!  And each one is different and so beautifully refinished.

Plus, John let us rummage through his old barns and sheds where he keeps all his hidden treasures!

We could see many years worth of refinishing possibilities for John so we left most of that for him . . . . .

However, we were able to add a few items to our pile like the wonderful white posts on the top of the stack to the left . . . . . .

We also found some great porch posts, a few windows and of course some garden gates that we just couldn't pass up. . . . . Just in time to add to your spring gardens!

Thank you so much John & Ada!
It was a really fun day and we sincerely appreciate all your hard work!!

The road back home is a long one . . .

We will try our best to have most of these wonderful finds in the store by this coming Saturday.

Because of the weather, you only got to see a small portion of what we are bringing back, so we hope you get to drop by in the near future to see it all!!

See you soon,
Joe & Sharon

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WoolenSails said...

Really great finds and I do love his boxes, they are beautifully made.