Wednesday, May 27, 2015

"Country Loft Happening's"

We're filling the shop with wonderful New Summertime Decor!

     Check out our Flag and Birds made out of recycled wood by American artist's. 

     We have lots and lots of Metal Stars in many sizes and colors.
Terrific textures!

"New Magazines"

    The latest "American Patchwork" August issue is here... along with the brand new "Quilt Mania" issue, which has a nice article about Road to California.
      Summer's issue of "Primitive Quilts and Projects" is full of ideas and projects to make.

    "Upcoming Classes"

Make this cute "Sewing Case"
on June 5th, Friday from 10-2 with Susy Boyer. Class fee is $13.00.

Stash Challenge is May 29th, Friday from 12-3 with Colleen Loucas.
Class fee is $10.00

Pin Pals is May 30th, Saturday from 10-1 or 2-5 with Kathy Cardiff. Fee is $10.00 plus kit.
     Two weeks in a row we have been privileged to have a special person in our shop!!!

     Gail Pan stopped by...All the way from Australia. She is one of our favorite people and designer's. We have Gail's latest book "Simply Christmas" available in the shop along with many other one of a kind Gail Pan patterns.

Thank you for stopping by today...
From all of us at The Country Loft

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Market Fun!!!

     Kathy just returned from Market and she brought back a great sampling of New Goodies for us!!

     She placed orders with our favorite designer's and companies... and she met a few New designer's too! The goods are beginning to roll in.

Be sure to stop by
and see what's new!

New Kits!

     Ready for Summer is this great little banner by Buttermilk Basin.

     Made with wool and cotton... the complete kit is $14.95.

     "Grand Old Flag"

     Now is the time to get stitching on our new towel kit. Everything you need, even the thread comes rolled up inside this patriotic kit. 
Priced at $7.95

Just Arrived!

"Heartfelt" by Kansas Troubles for Moda.

     We have the beautiful pre-cuts with some choice bolts to go with them.

"Stash Challenge"

     Come take a class with Colleen Loucas and find creative ways to use up your fabric collection. 

     You will be seeing Stars and having lots of fun in this class with Colleen.

     Stash Challenge is on May 29th,
Friday from 12-3.
(This is a new class time)

"Special Guest"

     We were thrilled to have a visit by the Editing Manager of "Quilt Country Magazine", Marie-Claude from France, come to our shop last week!
     Marie on the left was joined by Cheri Payne, Jo Ann Mullay and Country Loft manager, Kathy Reppenhagen.
     Marie was busy taking photographs of Cheri and Jo Ann's quilts for future magazine articles. We loved having you Marie!!!

Thanks for stopping by today...
From all of us at The Country Loft

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Welcome Home
Joe and Sharon!!!

     This may have been one of the best trips ever.
     The shed is filled with amazing antiques. The selection of boxes and stools and little chairs, Oh My!


This little Rocker caught my eye!

     There is so much to see... and it's not all in the shed, you will find it inside the store too.

     There are wooden bowls and wooden potato mashers!!! 

    Visit soon and take a look.

Let's talk Classes!

     Vintage Club is this Saturday, May 16th from 10-3. 
Cost is $25.00

      Tonee White will be teaching her charming, "Hearts and Flower's"quilt. 
      A mix of cotton and wool.

Garden Club is up next!

     Join Sandra Lee on May 23rd from 10-1 to make this cute Garden Pot Wreath.

     You will be painting and decorating... and maybe some giggling too!

     Class fee is $10.00 plus kit.

Call or come in and we'll get you signed up for classes.

We're so excited to have
Stacy West's brand new line of fabric by Diamond Textiles.

"Humble Beginnings"
by Buttermilk Basin.
     This is Stacy's first time to design her own fabric... Way to go Stacy!!!

They are  the perfect colors we love here at The Country Loft.

Thank you for stopping by today...
From all of us at The Country Loft

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

We Have A Winner!!!

Congratulations Stephanie!!  You commented on our blog post on May 6th and won this wonderful little slide top box from the barn sale!!  If you are one of our local customers, just come in to claim your prize.  If you are one of our long distance followers, please call or send us your mailing information and we will get your cute little box right in the mail.   

                                                                                                                                                          It was a long trip and we are so glad to be home, and the antiques are all snug in their new home too!

Come visit them soon!!!

Thursday, May 7, 2015

Homeward bound . . . . .

We are now heading west into Kansas and crossing the Missouri river for the last time on this trip.

We will see lots of beautiful scenes like this, happy cows munching in lush green pastures!!

As we turn down our last dirt road, we are getting excited again because we know what awaits us about five miles ahead!!

 A couple of months ago, our wonderful box man called to ask if we would be making a trip.  He said he was in pretty good health and could have some boxes ready for us if we wanted them . . . . . . . hmmm, let me think for one second . . . . "whatever you have John, we'll take it!!!" Yea!!!

But most of all, we were glad to hear,  after a rough patch this winter, that he was feeling good!!!

After visiting for a bit and eating delicious homemade ice cream (what diet??) we hurriedly, loaded up and totally forgot to take pictures.  You see, lucky me, I had a plane to catch in Denver and got to miss those last few days of boring driving!!

But, because we know you are anxious, we unloaded about half of what we got from John at a park across from our hotel and shot one picture for you.  His work is as beautiful as ever . . . . we love you John and Ada too!!!!

     So, that's it for this trip friends!!  Our trailer is very full and we plan to have everything in the store, the shed, the back yard, and wherever we can squeeze it by this Saturday, May 9th.  If you are looking for wonderful Mother's Day presents, guaranteed you will have to look no further!!! 

   See you then, Joe & Sharon

P.S.  We will draw on Saturday for the winner of our blog contest and notify you ASAP!! We appreciate your wonderful comments and I'm sure our friends in the Midwest do to!!!

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Antiquing 'til the cows come home . . . . .

So, those of you who have been following our blog over the years will recognize this little sign . . . . it's one of the main reasons we make this long trip every year!!!

The first one to greet us was this sweet little girl!!!

And then, just after I clicked her picture . . . . .

there was a crowd all wanting to be part of our blog, so of course I had to comply!! We were told that cows are very curious creatures and if you stop . . . . they will come!!

This is one barn though, that I don't think has seen many cows!! But we do love what is housed in here . . . . . .

I can't believe how excited I am when we get here!!!  These ladies have the most amazing eye for antiques and the most incredible refinishing skills.

 I know we all appreciate their talents because their items look so beautiful in our homes, especially in our sewing rooms all stuffed with fabric and wool!!!

Ron and Jane own this beautiful property and Jane's sweet Mom, Mary invites us in for lunch every year.

It was so nice of them to let me share a picture of their living room with you.  They have a wonderful collection of antiques throughout their home. . . . . . .

And, they have a wonderful collection of antiques in their barn, some of which we are so happy to bring home to you!!!!

And some more . . . . . .

 And even more!!!!  Wow, did we have fun this year and I can't begin to thank all these dear friends for their very hard work and hospitality.

I know they follow our blog, so if you leave them a comment, we will put your name into a drawing for one of their little treasures!!

 We begin our journey west tomorrow with one more planned stop (you never know what comes up).  Talk to you then!!!

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Farm country finds . . .

We got an early start this morning.  The back roads through Missouri are so beautiful.  There is one farm after another and wonderful old barns popping up over every rise in the road . . . .

I think the red ones are my favorite . . . . .

And I love these little farms towns with their huge grain elevators right in the middle.  This is where we hope to pick up some more fun things.

And find things we did!!  That's a really nice 1800's, 12 tin pie safe in good condition and some great architectural stuff! And you have probably noticed all the little chairs we're finding.  It's a good thing because we had none left in the store!

 Wonderful old churches in these towns too!

Our last stop here and we come away with some more great things.  Our trailer is filling up quickly and we still have some exciting places to go . . . . . .

All the water and green, green grass . . . . . I wish I could bring some of that back with us too!!!

Of course I guess there is a down side to all that water . . . . . . .

An antique flea market in the rain was not a very successful stop.  Most everyone had their tables covered with tarps so we didn't get to see much and we didn't have the time to wait for the rain to stop.  Maybe next time . . . .

The good news is, tomorrow is our favorite barn sale and we are guaranteed to find a lot of really great treasures there . . . . . we'll see you then!!!

Monday, May 4, 2015

Country roads lead to . . . . . .

 Wow, we put a lot of miles on today down these peaceful country highways . . . . . I sure wish we had this traffic problem in San Diego!!!

I could look at this kind of scenery all day long!!  I think that building to the left of the barn is where our friends have some good stuff stored just for us!  Yea!!

It's great to have friends in out of the way places and well worth the miles to get here. We got a lot more small things, but Phyliss had it all wrapped and packed in boxes for us before I could get a picture.

Oh well, you do want some surprises when we get back don't you??

We stopped just a little bit further down the road where we usually find a few treasures . . . . .

And sure enough . . . . . . but by the time we started gathering everything for pictures, the wind really came up, so we had to take the picture in our trailer.

Well, time for all creatures to find their  lodging for the night and get out of this wind!!!  We'll see you again tomorrow!

Saturday, May 2, 2015

"Back on the Road Again"

Greetings from Missouri . . . . . Joe & I got right to work when we arrived . . .  we talked to a man who is meeting us today in a small town just over the border in Kansas. So, even though we will be turning right around and heading east, we will cross the wide Missouri with the promise of a storeroom full of primitives just on the other side.

I love traveling through these small towns with their beautiful tree lined streets. . . . . .


amazing old houses . . . .

 of every size and design . . . 

and wonderful old stone churches on street corners every now and then. . . . . so very beautiful!

Then on to the purpose of this trip . . . . . .

You can imagine how my heart was racing at this point . . . . . .

But don't get too excited . . . . . . .

 John and his wife are furnishing their new home in Kansas City and can you believe this . . . . he let his wife shop first!!!!  She is really going to have some great things in her home, lucky girl!!!

John's prices were a little high for us anyway, especially since this was our first stop and I know the treasures that are waiting for us in the days ahead.


However, here are John and Joe moving things around because of course, I found something way in the back that I couldn't live without!!!

Why are the best bargains always hiding behind and underneath???


 We did come away with a few nice pieces and a free gift from John which we will pass on to you (whoever finds it first) . . . . Hey, if I have to dig for bargains, so do you!!!

So that's it for today, we have a lot of miles to cover before our next stop . . . .we'll talk again tomorrow with hopefully more finds!