Monday, May 4, 2015

Country roads lead to . . . . . .

 Wow, we put a lot of miles on today down these peaceful country highways . . . . . I sure wish we had this traffic problem in San Diego!!!

I could look at this kind of scenery all day long!!  I think that building to the left of the barn is where our friends have some good stuff stored just for us!  Yea!!

It's great to have friends in out of the way places and well worth the miles to get here. We got a lot more small things, but Phyliss had it all wrapped and packed in boxes for us before I could get a picture.

Oh well, you do want some surprises when we get back don't you??

We stopped just a little bit further down the road where we usually find a few treasures . . . . .

And sure enough . . . . . . but by the time we started gathering everything for pictures, the wind really came up, so we had to take the picture in our trailer.

Well, time for all creatures to find their  lodging for the night and get out of this wind!!!  We'll see you again tomorrow!

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