Wednesday, September 30, 2015

"It's a Great Day!"

"The Daiwabo has arrived!"

     We have been waiting for our ship to come in, and it did.
     Straight from Japan via New York to Us!
     Come see our new shipment. We have many amazing new bolts to choose from. 

"New Wools"

     Wow, what a great day! Yards of gorgeous wool arrived at the shop too! 
     We're busy getting it out on the shelves.

"Halloween Bowl Fillers"
by Cheri

     These cute wool pillows are so cute... quick and easy to make too!
All of these are in one pattern. 
Sells for $8.00

Antique Update!
     We hear it's been raining cats and dogs in the Midwest, but soon as the sun pops his head out again, be watching the blog to see Sharon and Joe's Adventures. 

Thanks for stopping by today...
From all of us at The Country Loft

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Sandra Klouda said...

The Halloween bowl fillers...It said all the patterns are contained in one package. Where can I purchase that? Or can I? Thanks much, Sandra