Saturday, October 3, 2015

Greetings from Kansas!

We are back on the road again! The first couple of stops we were battling the weather and pictures were impossible. I'm so sorry, but a few things will just have to be surprises!

Today is clear and beautiful and you can tell by the road that we are still in Kansas!

The usual landscape greets us along the way.  We are a little bit later for our fall trip this year so it looks like most of the crops have been harvested and there is lots of hay rolled up for the winter months.

And of course there are the cows, peacefully munching in pasture after pasture . . . . .

We are headed to our good friends' farm in northern Kansas.  John does all the beautiful refinishing on the wonderful old boxes and Ada gathers up all sorts of antique treasures for us.

We were on our way down to one of their barns when these little guys came out from under a woodpile!

Ada said that she hasn't been feeding these babies thus far, but she might have to take them inside to where they will be safe and take over mom's job.  They have lost a couple of litters to coyotes already this year . . . . . . so sad!!

 As allergic as I am to cats,  I just couldn't resist these adorable kitties!!  I told Ada not to tell me if they don't make it!!!!

And while I was playing with kittens, Joe was working hard,  carrying, stacking and arranging all these wonderful treasures from our amazing box man!!!

What you don't see here is the incredible collection of buttons that Ada let us take off her hands!

We had such a fun visit and they were so nice to fix us a delicious lunch of homemade chili and all the fixings!!  Wow, we can't thank you enough John and Ada for your hospitality and friendship.

We hope there will be many more visits in the years to come!!!

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Susy said...

Hi Sharon & Joe,
Wow, looks like fun, and kittens too! Animals always find you.
Thank you for sharing... Happy Trails,