Monday, October 5, 2015

Traveling the Missouri countryside.

I take pictures of windmills on most of our trips, but don't usually post them because I figure you can see windmills everywhere, but this time I thought I would because . . . .

our friends actually found part of a windmill for us!!  I can just see it as a great decorator item on the wall of someone's home!

They also had a great farm table, a wonderful screened pine cabinet and some other fun pieces.

As we leave this little town where our friends had the antiques stored, I had to snap a picture of this beautiful old stone church.  The churches in the midwest seem to be so humble.

Just as we are about to head out of town we notice a sign for yet another flea market and of course we had to stop and check it out!!!

So . . . . . .after another couple of hours and a lot of bargaining, we came away with some really great finds here!!  The old cobblers bench is my favorite and would make a great coffee table!!

Now we really better get moving or we won't make it to our favorite barn sale in the morning!  Bye for now!!

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