Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Homeward bound!

We woke up to another sunny day in Missouri and only had a short drive to our favorite barn sale . . . . . .

If you have followed our blog on previous trips, I know you will recognize this sign!

I know these guys are wondering what all these cars are doing on their peaceful country road!

We parked our truck right next to this sweet baby and Joe snapped a picture.  I was already out the door and into the barn . . . . no matter how early we get here,  it seems there is always a crowd!!

Next year I think I will ask Jane and Ron if we can pitch a tent in with their cows!!!   Ha, ha . . . just kidding!!!

We were so busy snapping up treasures that we didn't get a picture outside this year, but I know I've shown you pictures of the barn on past trips.

We did come away with a lot of great antiques and you know the ladies that gather up all this stuff do an amazing job of refinishing.  It is all ready to go into your homes!!!

     And as usual, Mary (Jane's mom) invited us in for an absolutely delicious lunch of homemade potato soup, sandwich fixings and her very special blueberry/pineapple jello dessert!! We really enjoy their hospitality, meeting their friends and just visiting and catching up on what's been happening with all of them over the last six months.  Hopefully everyone will enjoy good health until we see them again!

I believe this will be our last stop this time around.  I'm sorry we weren't able to post our first few stops because of weather, but you will see it all in person in just a week or so. With over 1600 miles to get home, we better get on the road . . . . . . thanks for following along . . . . see you soon!!!

Joe & Sharon


paulette said...

OMGosh!! Loved going with you on your treasure hunt! Gorgeous finds!! Thanks for taking us along!

Debbie Busby said...

Looks like you two had a lot of fun and found some good treasures!!! Wish I lived closer so I could come and see them all!! Safe travels home!!!