Tuesday, December 29, 2015

A Special Invitation

Dear Friends,

        As we near the end of another year we want to once again thank all of you, our wonderful customers and dearest friends, for over thirty years of support and friendship. We are looking forward to 2016 and are planning lots of fun things for the first six months of the year, right up until June 30, 2016 when The Country Loft will retire.  We hope you all will join us for our . . . 

January 2, 2016 to June 30, 2016

        We will have fabulous new wool, perle cotton, new patterns from our favorite designers, new notions and homespuns arriving all the time as well as our amazing blocks of the month.  We will have our on-going classes with Susy, Jayne, Tina, Colleen, Donna and Sandra, plus we are planning some special classes with visiting and retired teachers.  And of course we will still be taking our antique trips and blogging as we go!

        We won't be having any sales before June because we will still have to pay our bills until then, but after all these years we couldn't just up and close without giving you all plenty of notice.  Most likely the next time you are in, you will see a "for sale" sign on our property, but we have told our realtor that we will not close before June 30th and that will be a condition of the sale.

        This has been a very heart wrenching decision to make, but our minds and bodies tell us the time has finally come.  We are looking forward to new adventures and a lot more time to spend with our families and friends!!!

We love you all,
                               Joe, Sharon, Kathy, Susy and Jayne 

P.S.  Please be sure to use all gift certificates by June 30th!!!


Kurt Schindler said...

Sorry to hear of your closing but surely understand. Retirement is wonderful and you need to enjoy it while you are still in good health.

Hope to make it down there from Murrieta before June happens.

Happy New year!

Andrina Lilly said...

I am saddened by this news, but am happy for you, Joe and your family!
Best wishes for a Happy New Year!

Suzanne C. said...

WOW! Congratulations! Bitter/sweet I'm sure! I wish you the absolute best! And will see you soon for sure!

Daffodowndilly Farm said...


So happy for you, bittersweet for us. I moved to New England 8 years ago but have such fond memories of shopping in your sweet store. Strolling my, then, toddler through the rooms oohing and aahing over all the treasures. Taking classes, meeting my dear girlfriends (the sisters C&L) for a shopping spree or fabric hunt. I still have so many trinkets, antiques, and fabrics from the Country Loft. Every Christmas when I decorate my little tree (which I got from you) I remember all the years and adventures in your store to collect different tree decorations and holiday projects, now heirlooms for my son.

I wish you all the best, lots of fun,
lots of joy and good health.
Debbie Larrimore

stevenjared0853 said...

Well Retirement parties are just happen once in life, so I loved the way you have invited your special guests for this special day. Dear I am also looking Chicago venues for my mom’s retirement party which is in Feb. Can you share how should I book the venue?