Wednesday, May 25, 2016

"The Sales Continue!"

"Patterns & Books
35% Off!!!"
 Let's keep a good thing going!

    Today we'll add patterns and books to our cotton fabric sale!

     We have a great selection of your favorite quilt, stitchery and wool applique designers.

     P.S. A new shipment of Valdani thread arrived this week. Yum!!

Thanks for stopping by today...
From all of us at The Country Loft

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

"Let the Sales Begin!!!"

With just weeks to go...

We're beginning our Sales with all of our beautiful Cotton fabric on sale for 35% Off!!!

     Hurry in for best selection...
It won't last long!

The Antiques have arrived!

The cottage is filled with many
new wonderful pieces.

     Our shed contains many fun and interesting finds too!

Mark your Calendars!

     Please plan to join us as we Celebrate 31 amazing years of The Country Loft. 
     It wouldn't be a party without our Country Loft family!

Thanks for stopping by today...
From all of us at The Country Loft

Wednesday, May 11, 2016


Arriving Saturday, May 14th


     Lots of Great boxes, Wood totes, Benches, Architectural items, Blue ball jars, Chairs, Tool carriers and other wonderful pieces.

     Be sure to arrive early for best selection!

     Guest teacher "Jo Ann Mullaly" kept us in stitches!!!

     We loved having our favorite author of "Wool Crazy" teaching here last Saturday.

     Thank you Jo Ann...

          We had a great time!

     P.S. You're still the best cookie maker too!

     Debbie Busby from "Wooden Spools" will be our next Guest Teacher in June!

     Classes are Tuesday, June 28th and Wednesday June 29th. Call or come in for more information.

     "Garden Club"

     Another one of our terrific classes, taught by Sandra Lee.

     Sister's creating together is always a fun time!


     We still have two more Garden Club classes on the schedule.

     There are seven weeks to go before we retire... If you've been thinking about taking a class, we invite you check our schedule and join us.
     Now is a great time to use your gift certificates too!

Thank you for stopping by today...
From all of us at The Country Loft

Thursday, May 5, 2016

Heading West . . . Phew!!

Crossing over the Missouri River this morning we are really glad to be heading west and towards home!

And you know you're in Kansas because where else would a winery be named OZ?!?

And . . . where else would the road be so straight and flat?

So . . .  320 miles, 5 hours later we finally get to turn down the dirt road that leads to our beloved box man's farm.  We know John and Ada are awaiting our arrival though the look of the sky has us just a little concerned

After a fabulous lunch, we started to quickly stack up all the gorgeous boxes that were all over their living room floor.  Their adorable kitty was checking things out . . .

I think she really wants to come home with us!! She found a box that is just her size!!

John also refinished a few things other than boxes and of course, we just had to pack them up too!

This is what has happen to the weather since we were stopped, visiting with our friends and loading up boxes!!  Yes, that's snow on those Kansas fields!!!

And all over this Kansas highway . . . time to find a way down to the interstate so at least someone might find us if we get stuck!!!

So . . . alone on the interstate doesn't look much better.  I wish I had my ruby slippers to click together right now!! 

I hope to see you all on Saturday for JoAnn's last class . . . hopefully my flight will be able to take off in the morning!!

Think warm thoughts and thanks for traveling with us!!

                                                   Joe & Sharon

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Barn Sale . . . . YEA!!!

 Today as we start out, the sun is shining and we are heading to our favorite barn sale!!

This is a beautiful drive with lots of old barns and green, green pastures . . .

I love how each barn is different from the next . .

And when the barn starts getting old and beyond repair, they just build a new one right beside the old one . . .

 It's still very early in the morning and some of these guys are still snoozing . . . where as I was up at the crack of dawn, too excited to sleep!!

 And here we are . . . ready set go!!  Not too many people today, that's good, more for us!!!

So what do you think?  I think we did great!!! So many really fun things, so beautifully refinished and just ready to go right into our homes!!

And a few more larger pieces that I just couldn't pass up!  When something is really unique or hard to find, I just have to buy it!!  I know you all know that feeling!!

These dear friends that put on this beautiful sale are always so generous and welcoming. 

We had to pass on lunch today because we have a very long drive and one more stop before I hop on a plane home!

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

. . . weather or not!!!

Yesterday was another day of many hours on the road and battling the elements the whole way. However, we heard there would be a break in the weather today so we got a very early start . . . still looks pretty ominous to me!

We picked up a few goodies at our first stop, some great architectural pieces, a couple of the serving trays that are great with a quilt or stitchery project inside them, and a few other treasures . . .

When the winds are whipping and the roads are deserted we always wonder if everyone knows something we don't know, so we are always on the lookout for that cylindrical cloud on the horizon!!

At our last stop for the day we added a few more treasures . . .  you will love the rusty vent fans off an old barn in Northern Missouri.  They would look so great as architectural decor almost anywhere!!

Tomorrow we head to our favorite barn sale and it looks like it's going to be a sunshiny day!!!

Sunday, May 1, 2016

Tornadoes, Lightening and Thunder . . . Oh My!!!

Well, we've been traveling around Missouri for several days now and have gathered up a few things here and there, but the weather has been so bad we were just throwing everything in the trailer without even the chance of a picture.

The thunder, lightening and hail has been intense.  The wind has been unbelievable and even though we didn't see a tornado, we know they have been all around us!!!

This morning we woke up to a bit of sunshine so before we left our hotel, we unloaded our trailer to repack and I snapped a few pictures of some of our gathered treasures!

There are some fun things here and a few would be great to use in your garden.

These are a couple of old bookshelves, one with great architectural details and old peeling white paint and the smaller one has old red paint.  The prices were pretty good so I couldn't pass them by!!

We have a lot of miles to put on today so we better get packing and on the road!!  Hopefully we will find more by the end of the day today!!