Thursday, May 5, 2016

Heading West . . . Phew!!

Crossing over the Missouri River this morning we are really glad to be heading west and towards home!

And you know you're in Kansas because where else would a winery be named OZ?!?

And . . . where else would the road be so straight and flat?

So . . .  320 miles, 5 hours later we finally get to turn down the dirt road that leads to our beloved box man's farm.  We know John and Ada are awaiting our arrival though the look of the sky has us just a little concerned

After a fabulous lunch, we started to quickly stack up all the gorgeous boxes that were all over their living room floor.  Their adorable kitty was checking things out . . .

I think she really wants to come home with us!! She found a box that is just her size!!

John also refinished a few things other than boxes and of course, we just had to pack them up too!

This is what has happen to the weather since we were stopped, visiting with our friends and loading up boxes!!  Yes, that's snow on those Kansas fields!!!

And all over this Kansas highway . . . time to find a way down to the interstate so at least someone might find us if we get stuck!!!

So . . . alone on the interstate doesn't look much better.  I wish I had my ruby slippers to click together right now!! 

I hope to see you all on Saturday for JoAnn's last class . . . hopefully my flight will be able to take off in the morning!!

Think warm thoughts and thanks for traveling with us!!

                                                   Joe & Sharon

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Louise said...

Please be safe! Hi to Kathy. ❤️