Thursday, June 30, 2016

"Debbie Busby is in the house!!!"


We're all set up and ready to go for our last Guest Teacher!!!

"Debbie Busby"

     Amazing designer... wonderful teacher and a sweet, sweet gal!

     Debbie Busby owner of "Wooden Spool Designs", set up shop in The Country Loft for two full days.

     The gals are all gathered and ready to start sewing!

     In two days we had fifty-six happy ladies making a very special project designed by Debbie called "The Country Loft".

Debbie was lots of fun!

     Now we all have a little piece of our "Home away from home".

     The Country Loft has been our meeting place for many wonderful years.

     Debbie is a Great Teacher!

We're so happy 
you could be with us!!!

     We have met many new friends and made sweet memories in our little white cottage.

     Debbie brought us a trunk show too, and the patterns to go with it.

Please take the time to visit Debbie's website and see all of her amazing work! 
Find Debbie Busby at 

Thank you for stopping by today...
From all of us at The Country Loft



Claire said...

Love Debbie's designs. Happy retirement, ladies!

Double M Tailor said...
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