Wednesday, July 6, 2016

"To Everything There is a Season . . . "

The Country Loft opened it's doors in the summer of 1985 at our first location on Lake Murray Blvd. in La Mesa.  Our son Steven was almost six years old and eager to help with the ribbon cutting.

Last Friday we were really happy that Steven was once again able to help us by taking down The Country Loft sign at our wonderful little cottage on Date Ave.  After 31 wonderful years we have decided to close our business and are looking forward to new adventures in retirement!

However, the one thing we aren't quite ready to give up are those antique trips to the midwest! We love driving the backroads of this beautiful country in search of fun treasures and now we will be able to do it at a more leisurely pace!

So, this will be the last blog post for the store, but whenever we head out for antiques we will post along the way as we have in the past.

We currently have a booth that is open at the La Mesa Antique Mall which is located at 4710 Palm Ave. in downtown La Mesa.

At the end of each trip we'll let you know a date when you can see all the new goodies at our booth and maybe we'll get a chance to visit with you all again then!!

          There are no words that can express our love and gratitude to all of you for all the years of support.  Many of you have been with us from day one and others have joined us along the way, but you are all very special and dear to our hearts. The most valuable thing we take with us from these 31 years is the friendships we have made.  We know we will meet up many times as we travel through the rest of life's journey because of course, will all love the same things and I'm sure our paths will cross.  So this is definitely not good-bye but . . .

                                                                    See you around!!!
                                                                            Joe, Sharon, Kathy, Susy and Jayne


Boo21's Mom said...

I've been with you since day one! Then I had a toddler who insisted on running up and down "the ramp". Now I have a toddler grandchild who would do exactly the same thing! 31 years! I'll be back in San Diego in August and will miss visiting the shop, but I'll be sure and drop by your booth. Thank you for all those years of treasures! Enjoy retirement! Melissa Janssen

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